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Cross-cultural Intelligence for Managers

Coaching Managers Working in a Cross-cultural Context to Build Trust, Communicate Effectively, and Deliver Results

Bridging Cultural Gaps

Managing in a cross-cultural context can feel like walking through a minefield and make you question your capability; you have to read unfamiliar cultural cues, listen beyond what’s being said and relate in a way that is respectful and builds trust.

Language Of Success

Getting the job done is a challenge when there’s cultural miscommunication leading to friction in the team. Everyone’s walking on eggshells and precious time and energy is being lost. You’re desperate to get the team communicating well and working together effectively.

Delivering Results

You’re unsure if everyone is clear with their roles and responsibilities and understands what’s expected for the successful completion of the project. The clock is ticking and results are expected. How can you make decisions in a culturally sensitive way that keeps the team on board?

About Me

With over 20 years of experience in cross-cultural management, I am here to guide you towards successful intercultural interactions. From my beginnings as a Foreign Affairs Secretary in China, overseeing language teaching for international students, to my role as a strategic Project Manager, leading initiatives across 50 countries, I have honed my expertise in navigating diverse cultural landscapes.

Having lived and worked in various countries, including Thailand and the UK, I understand the challenges immigrants face and the importance of starting anew with determination. Throughout my career, I have witnessed the consequences of cultural misunderstandings, broken relationships, and failed projects. That’s why I am on a mission to equip managers with the knowledge and skills to navigate these challenges, harnessing the power of different cultural perspectives.

With a strong educational foundation, including a BA(Hon) in International Studies and an MSc in Development Management, I bring a multidisciplinary approach to my coaching practice. Additionally, as a certified coach and a member of the International Coaching Federation, I am committed to providing high-quality guidance and support.

Join me on this transformative journey towards cross-cultural intelligence. Together, we will unlock the potential of cultural diversity, fostering strong relationships and achieving remarkable outcomes. Trust in my expertise and let’s embark on this enlightening adventure together.

Book In Your Free Session With Me

“Our sessions provided a space to unpack seemingly unconnected issues which Liu helped me to see the connections. Liu is very patient and an attentive listener and his insights helped me better understand my own thought processes – and my own needs. Liu is encouraging and shares his own experiences as relevant, which I found really helpful.”

Francesca Quirke


“Liu’s methodology is not to be assertive, which was the last thing I would like to have at that moment. He was there as a “midwife” using his experience and wisdom to deliver the best solutions I was looking for. He’s very humble. He usually knows more than what he showed off. Whatever you would like to discuss, he knows it all. You just have to know the best questions, and he’ll be your best answer.”

Vanvisa Warachit


“Liu is uniquely able to reflect back what he hears you saying such that I learned new things about myself and gained new insights into both my challenges and opportunities. He’s also great at suggesting new frames through which to think about things. I’d highly recommend Liu to any professional seeking a coach.”

Sara Rowbottom


“I received coaching from Liu when I was experiencing big transitions in my work and personal life. Liu allowed me to speak and be listened to, and reflected back in a way which helped me understand my own words from a new perspective. I am so grateful for his coaching and look forward to working with him again in the future.”

Abigail Riggs


“A world-class coach and mentor. Meeting with him has brought about a transformation in my life. He is gifted in training, facilitation, coaching and mentorship. You will always desire to see him“

Ali Zakka


“I’ve been mentored by Liu Liu for a whole year (2022) and as a result I’ve had a huge change of mindset and approach to various aspect in my workspace. My leaderships and team management skills have improved, courtesy of the Coach Liu Liu. He is a passionate Coach and Mentor; he listens and provides guidance gently and openly. I would recommend Liu Liu to anyone.“

Daniel M Wanyoike


My experience on being coached by Liu Liu was outstanding. He helped me to set objectives and see the big picture regarding my career and what I need to do to get there. He is kind and a great listener who asks all the right questions. Thanks to my sessions with Liu Liu, now I am much more confident, and better understand my worth and have a clear sense of direction. I can not recommend him enough, and I feel lucky to have had the opportunity to learn from him.

Magda Rios-Mendez


Cross-cultural Intelligence for Managers

Coaching Managers Working in a Cross-cultural Context to Build Trust, Communicate Effectively, and Deliver Results